Scripps Research Institute, High School Student Research Education Program

How to Participate in Avantor Matching

Avantor matches contributions at the end of each year. For national organizations that have local affiliates, Avantor sends the matching dollars to the headquarters unless otherwise noted in our participating organization list. It is important to note that matching dollars cannot be applied to individual fundraising efforts for an event or race.

You can make your donation to a participating organization in two ways. Based on the method you choose, you will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork to request your Avantor matching donations.

One-Time Donation

Avantor associates can make a donation to a pre-approved participating non-profit organization. To request the Avantor matching donations, an associate should complete the One Time Donation Form. For any donations over $150, we ask that associates also include a receipt.

Payroll Deduction

Avantor associates can also elect to donate through a payroll deduction. To sign up, an associate must complete the Associate Matching Payroll Deduction Form and submit it according to the outlined instructions. Deductions are only valid for the calendar year in which the associate makes them. Each year following, the associate will need to re-select their donation option.