Save the Bay in Providence, Rhode Island

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The Avantor Foundation has happily been distributing grants since 2009.

Grantee Quotes

“Thanks to the support of the VWR Foundation, we will soon be able to replace aging freezers that hold decades of irreplaceable rare blood samples. The Red Cross relies on the generosity of supporters like VWR to deliver our daily, life-saving services.”

- Amy Shlossman, CEO, American Red Cross

"Riverbend is so grateful to the VWR Foundation for the support of our Outreach to Children/Access to Nature program. Through the support of the Foundation, 200 elementary aged children in the Norristown Area School District in Pennsylvania will receive a science unit that will not only enrich their science learning, but also connect them to the natural world. Children who have a connection to the natural world become adults who work to protect our environment."

- Stacy Carr-Poole, Director of Education, Riverbend Environmental Education Center

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