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Avantor Matching Program

When creating the Avantor Foundation, Avantor wanted to identify a way to support its associates while also providing a connection between them and the Avantor Foundation. To encourage a community of giving, Avantor established the Avantor Matching Program.

Through this program, Avantor will match the donation made by an Avantor associate (including retired associates) to a participating organization – not once, but twice! A matching donation will be made to the participating organization, as well as the Avantor Foundation. For example, if an associate donates $100 to a participating organization, Avantor will donate $100 to the same organization and an additional $100 to the Avantor Foundation.

Avantor surveys its associates on a regular basis to identify potential non-profit organizations to add to the Matching Program’s list of participating organizations. Based on the results, the Avantor Foundation selects the top organizations that are strategically aligned with its mission to add to the Matching Program. The Avantor Matching Program currently includes 23 participating organizations.

Avantor will match donations up to $1,000 per associate, with a Company cap of $250,000 annually for this program. Associates should consult their local government for tax law guidelines.

If you have questions about the Avantor Matching program, please email VWRfoundation@vwr.com.